• Differentiation

    Chainwork seeks to deliver superior risk adjusted returns with a constant focus on capital preservation.
    Chainwork aims to do this through developing its own strategies and pursuing discrete areas reflecting its cross sector experience.

    We strive to offer something different, to innovate and out perform our peers and competitors, whilst avoiding crowded market places.

  • Integrity, Transparency and Alignment

    Discreet. Honest. Forthright. We strive to be our clients’ trusted advisor, partner and manager. We are committed to aligning our interests with those of all of our counterparties.

  • Life Cycle Approach

    We marry this with a scrutiny of both the asset and liability
    side of the investment equation coupled with a methodical review of the investment entry, asset management and exit.

  • Passion

    Chainwork is passionate about generating new ideas and opportunities, seeking to deliver innovative, highly analysed investment strategies and deals. Our Client’s and Partners success drives our own success.